We develop new products in fluid technology.

We offer project evaluation and R&D capacities, special simulations like FEA are possible. Good contacts to international researchers will give you quick results.

  • R & D work in fluid technology
  • trials and evaluation of research projects
  • R & D in field of corrosion or abrasion prevention (special field "heat exchanging equipment" or fluid media caused corrosion on mechanical parts)
  • advanced composites in GRP (Glass fibre reinforced plastics) and other reinforced composites
  • ASME X pressure vessel design calculations for Glass fibre reinforced plastics GRP and FRP
  • manufacturing of GRP and FRP pressure vessels acc. ASME X
  • design calculations for metal pressure vessels acc. PED, EN 13445 or ASME VIII with U-stamp
  • manufacturing ofpressure vessels ac.. ASME or EN 13445
  • nozzle load and static calculations
  • document preparation for DOSH, MOM and other standards for asian markets
  • manufacturing of vessel with Lloyds LR, DNV or ABS approvals
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