Advanced composites GRP (Glass fibre reinforced plastics) & cast iron foundry products.


  • conception / prototype production and production coordination for complex GRP / FRP pressure vessel products up to 150 bar (g)
  • manufacturing of GRP and FRP pressure vessels acc. ASME X
  • ASME X pressure vessel design calculations for Glass fibre reinforced plastics GRP and FRP
  • foundry products in qualities from GG-20 EN-GJL-200,
    GG-25 EN-GJL-250 up to GGG-50 EN-GJS- 500-7
  • small hand mold series and large series on
    DISAMATIC 600 x 480 mm
  • own molds workshop
  • quality control of foundry products, pressure testing and manufacturing surveillance
  • quality procedures and implementation
  • start up and commissioning
Production assistance EU and non EU foundry / manufacturers.
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